Fertilizer with microelement in nano size

Mg, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu, Co, Mo, Se, Nd – microelements of natural origin in the form that can be easily absorbed by plants.


For seed, foliar treatment.


Due to microelements of nano size (<100 nm) they easily bounds with nucleic acids, proteins, penetrates into and through plant membranes.


Nano ELEMENT is non-toxic and do not harm the environment, because it does not contain other additive that are usually toxic. Nano ELEMENT is fully absorbed not leaving any marks on soil, is chemically compatable with other fertilizers and plant protection products.




  • raised intensity of photosynthesis; 

  • root system increased by 3-5 times;

  • healthy seed-leaves and larger surface of leaves;

  • improved endurance during stress caused by climate or pesticides;

  • more over-wintered plants;

  • thicker stems;

  • harvest increased by up to 30%


The product is easy to handle – it can be included in the Fertilizer and PPP manage- ment plan with the same treatment order.


Capacity -1l.


Fertilizer containing live bacteria


BIO fertilizer containing live bacteria for all crops.


Bio ELEMENT – soil fertility base.


For treatment of seeds, bulbs and cuttings and foliar treatment.


Bio ELEMENT activates the bacteria in the soil and root nodules,  converts NPK in the form easy to absorb by plants. Product is chemically compatible with other fertilizers and plant protection products except fungicides.




  • improved germination and hibernation;

  • root system increased by 2-5%;

  • healthy plants;

  • thicker stems;

  • less moss and higher pH level of soil;

  • improved soil structure and microflora.


Bio ELEMENT is easy to handle – it can be  it can be included in any plant processing circuit with the same treatment order.


Pack: 1 l, 5 l.

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