Bacterial inoculant for increasing value of slurry

SlurryBugs – SlurryBugsTM is a bacteria and enzyme formulation designed to enhance slurry nutrient retention during the storage period.


The specific bacteria in SlurryBugs retain nitrogen by capturing the ammonia within the slurry which is then fixed in a stable form becoming organic N which is slow release in the soil and therefore more available for plant uptake. The enzymes in SlurryBugs also degrade much of the undigested fibre which can cause crusting, which results in more liquefied, consistent slurry with reduced odour.




  • Cut fertiliser costs by at least 33%

  • Reduce crusting & odour

  • Liquefied slurry for easier spreading • Increase retention of organic N, P & K

  • Reduce risk of leaching & run off

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint


1 kg pot SlurryBugs treats 450 m3 slurry.